Monday, February 23, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Scott and I were just married last year on July 20, 2009. Since then we've had, for the most part, a typical first year of marriage. Found an apartment, moved in, and we've been talking about the future and what our dreams and aspirations are. We've been praying for a while about Scott's profession and what he would find himself doing that would make him feel complete. Well, what I wasn't thinking about is that God always answers your prayers, just not in the way you think He will. He has answered our prayer. And I never expected that it would take us to Kenai, AK. I have lived in Seattle for 21 years. And Scott grew up near Boston, MA. So this is a big change for him and most of all me.

We visited the Kenai Peninsula in December after a few over the phone interviews Scott had with Pastor Brown of New Life Assembly of God. He had been interviewing for the position of Christian Education Director. When we visited, to state the obvious, it was a little chilly. But instantly we felt welcomed and knew that this opportunity was a rare one. So we decided that we would follow God's calling for us to move to Kenai and grow with the church and community.

Because I coach a high school dance team I didn't want to leave them at the end of their season. They have been doing extremely well and I wanted to finish with them. Scott however was very eager to get up there. He has spent the past months working in an enviornment that wasn't the easiest on him. Like I said, this opportunity is a very big blessing. So as of today Scott has been in Kenai for a week and a half. I knew that the time apart would be difficult but I didn't realize how it would impact me.

I'm not moving up until the very end of March. So the time away is about 6 1/2 weeks. We spent a few days apart last year and it was hard but this time its different. Now we're married and we've created such a unique and wonderful bond. It truly is like my heart is missing. I'm okay but I just dont have that much fun without him. Scott is my best friend and he gets me like no one else does. And doing things with out him is not fun for me. I'm glad that we have the opportunity to strengthen our relationship and grow but I'm not voting we do this again if we dont have to! I am definitely looking forward to moving up there and experiencing all Alaska has to offer with him. And I hope the time doesnt pass too slowly. Five weeks and counting!

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